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Hand & Foot / Traed a Dwylo




Hand and Foot Treatments / Triniaethau i’r dwylo a’r traed

Manicure with Varnish £18.00

Luxury Manicure with Paraffin Wax £21.00

File and Varnish £12.00

French Manicure £21.00

French File and Varnish £15.00

Pedicure with Varnish £20.50

Luxury Pedicure with Paraffin Wax £23.00

File and Varnish £12.00

French Pedicure £23.00

French File and Varnish £15.00

Please add £2.50 to the price of the luxury treatments for French varnish. Paraffin Wax treatment is soothing and warming. It is deeply moisturising, improves circulation and eases painful joints.

Extending Fashion to your finger tips and toes!

Ymestyn Ffasiwn i flaenau’ch bysedd a’ch traed!

Mini Minx Hands - includes a file, cuticle tidy and your choice of Minx fingers

(45 mins)£25.00

Maxi Minx Hands - a full manicure followed by your choice of Minx fingers

(1 hour 15 mins) £30.00

Mini Minx Feet - includes a file, cuticle tidy and choice of Minx toes

(1 hour) £25.00

Maxi Minx Feet - a full pedicure followed by your choice of Minx toes 

(1 hour 30 mins)£35.00 

Minx application is not compatible with Paraffin Wax treatment. We recommend Minx will last for 2-5 days on the hands and up to 6 weeks on the feet.


Manicure (1hour) £23.00

Pedicure (1hour) £25.00

French Manicure (1hr 15mins) £28.00

French Pedicure (1hr 15mins) £30.00

Luxury Manicure (1hr 15mins) £26.00

Luxury Pedicure (1hr 15mins) £28.00

Luxury French Manicure (1hr 30mins) £31.50

Luxury French Pedicure (1hr 30mins) £32.00

Removal (30mins)

includes file and application of hand cream. This service is free of charge if Shellac is reapplied (add 15mins to the treatment time for removal). £8.00

*up to 14 days wear - we must stress the durability of this treatment depends upon the nature of your job and lifestyle

Nail Art

Nail Art is available from £3 dependent on requirements.

Please give 24 hours notice if you find it necessary to cancel your appointment, otherwise a cancellation fee will be charged Mae’n ofynnol i chi roi gwybod o leiaf 24 awr o flaenllaw os ydych am ganslo apwyntiad, neu fydd angen i chi dalu ffi canslo. Gift vouchers cannot be accepted after the expiry date. Ni allwn dderbyn talebau rhodd ar ol y dyddiad penodedig. Prices are correct at time of printing and are subject to  change without notice. All prices are inclusive of VAT. Mae prisiau yn gywir adeg argraffu, ond gallant newid heb unrhyw rybydd ar unrhyw adeg. Mae’r prisiau yn cynnwys TAW

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